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A country in southwest Europe occupying four fifths of the Iberian Peninsula including the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic, Spain offers diverse scenery with rolling hills in the north, sandy beaches in the south and the Pyrenees Mountains in the Northeast. Spain is a fascinating place and a favourite holiday destination with something to offer to everyone. Not only bullfights and flamenco dances but also beaches, culture, modern art and good food. Prehistoric wall paintings, Moorish palaces, medieval castles, as well as the Gothic and Renaissance Churches reflect the eventful history of Spain. Cities like Madrid and Barcelona are most amazing with the contrast of old and new, narrow streets open out to the most daring modern art architecture.
Sunshine and the large supply of sandy beaches are the real focus of Spanish tourism. Spain’s most popular beach destinations include Costa del Sol in the south, Costa Blanca in the southeast, Costa Brava and Costa Daurada in the northeast as well as the popular Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Like most Mediterranean seaside destinations, Spain can get very crowded in July and August, but in such diverse country is always possible to find a quiet spot or a secluded cove waiting to be discovered by the adventurous tourist.
Given the nature of the country and the wide spectrum of attractions, careful planning is essential. To help with your search we have put together selected destinations inclusive of general information and the most interesting sites across various categories.
On this website we have gathered some useful information on Spain’s history, culture and major events taking place there. Each individual destination comes with information about airports, transport, places of interest and museums complete of addresses and eating out tips. You can browse through our selection of pictures and even check out our maps which are fully interactive: you can search the place you need to find on the map and even have a close up satellite view. Try it now for an aerial view of the locations that interest you!